Winter Weddings: And here we thought winter was over already!

Let’s all think back now to just how many summer weddings we’ve all been to…. Got a number yet?!


That’s 33% of ALL weddings in a year crammed into 2 calendar months. Beautiful weddings full of fresh flowers, bright colors, and birds chirping. (Somehow I’m visualizing Snow White now, but let’s assume most brides won’t opt for small woodland creatures in the aisle on their big day.) I think we can all agree that New England has truly iconic seasons, but there is a whole chunk of the calendar that many brides don’t consider for their date, and that’s winter!

In a world FULL of options and everything screaming “BE DIFFERENT” how do the indecisive wade through it all and make countless choices to put together one of THE most special days of your life?! There are entire websites, books, magazines, careers and blogs 😉 that are devoted to planning this one unforgettable day and I think we can all agree it can all be a bit overwhelming. Your options are just as endless with a winter theme, you simply cannot go wrong.

Just imagine… Walking down the elegant grand ballroom staircase dressed with fairy lights hidden in tufts of white tulle. Dancing underneath soft white tapestries strung across the ceiling, whilst perfectly positioned lighting reflects off flakes of snow drifting down around you. You’re surrounded by tables adorned with smiling faces and centerpieces of winter greens and fresh succulents. It transports you to that brief period of calm just after the first snow, truly a winter wonderland that dreams are made of! The holiday greeting card picture we all wish to hold on to.

Or WAIT! What about RED? Or dancing under mistletoe?! Are you getting as excited as I am?! Whether, you are simplistic or lean towards extravagance, a winter wedding is simply timeless!

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